Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MY Digital Studio continued

This calendar page has a few of my parents furry friends and illustrates how to hide a portion of the background that you do not want showing. Notice the heart image near the bottom of the page.

When I first added the heart, it was too big and the center was empty allowing the background paper to show through.

I first resized the heart but did not like the dot in the center.

To hide the dot, I added a circle punch and resized it to fit over the heart.

Using the Color Fill button, I chose the same color as the background paper

then the Arrange -Order-Send Backward function.

This moved the plain colored circle behind the open heart and hid the dotted background paper.

Alternatively, if I had wanted the heart to be a contrasting color, I could have chosen another color to fill the punch with

making a different color heart.

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