Friday, May 14, 2010

My Digital Studio Frame Tutorial

Today concludes my three part tutorial for doing four layouts on one page and tips for using overlay stamps.
While making the blue layout  I was experimenting with various frame ideas to go behind the oval picture and really liked the end result.
Here is the step by step for this layout:
1.  Add the blue flowered DSP as shown in the the first tutorial
2.  Add the overlay stamp from the Vintage Overlay set.  (You need this layer to be at the back so you can work on top of it.
3.  Resize the overlay stamp as shown in the second tutorial.
4. Add a photo box.  Change the shape to oval.
5.  Add a mat using the color picker to choose a dark blue from the flower on the DSP.
6.  Add the swirl stamp from the Simple Friendship set.  Use the color picker to color it a medium dark blue.
7. Copy and paste a second swirl.  Use the "mirror image" button to rotate one swirl.  Position and send backward behind the photo.
8.  Use the square punch to make a rectangle that covers the oval plus a border.
9.  Fill it with the blue DSP.  Double click on it to open the crop box and move it to center the two main blue flowers.
10.  Reduce the opacity to the desired level and send backward behind the swirls.
11.  Add another square punch and resize to cover the DSP plus a small border.  Paper fill with Whisper White and send backward behind the DSP layer.
12.  Add a third square punch and resize to cover the white layer plus a small border.  Use the color picker to choose a green from the DSP.  Send backward behind the white layer.
13.  Add the "Cherish" stamp from Baroque Motifs set and "Every Moment" from the Enjoy Every Moment set.  Use the color picker to change both to a dark blue.

This is the fourth layout:
I did not add a lot to this one as the background is very bold on its own and already had the gray distressing in the upper half.  I simply used the color picker for the mat and stamps.


  1. These are gorgeous. I've been playing with these papers on MDS as cards. I love how you've used them as scrapbook pages! If you want to see what I did with them, you can go to my blog I can't wait to try your method. Thanks for sharing it! Lucia Kaiser

  2. I love all your MDS tutorials. I am just starting to get the hang of the program and love it! I will defintaly be back to your blog to try some of the things you have shown :-)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I love MDS and you're making it so easy for me to learn how to do a lot of the 'cool' stuff.