Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Kitty for KittyStamp!

Introducing..... our newest addition... Lupin!  We have now set the world's record for saying "He's so cute!" in one day.   It is impossible to say anything about him without using the "cute" word.
Lupin is a Norwegian Forest Cat.  We went back to the same breeder where we got our wonderful Hagrid.  These guys are really BIG cats and the breeder said that this little tank is ahead of the pack in size.  
It has been really hard NOT to take pictures when he looks so CUTE!
He already loves stamping.  He and Hagrid can really make a mess of my stamp room in no time.  He especially loves stamping sponges.  I have to keep them out of sight!
Chester (our golden retriever), Hagrid and Lupin all have to play with the same toys.  It is like having three toddlers in the house.
 Lupin loves Chester and curls up next to him to sleep.  Chester is incredibly patient as both cats have to check out his bones, treats and all his doggie toys.  
Hagrid is beside himself with happiness.  The other older cats never really wanted to play with him and now he has a full time wrestling and romping partner.  NF cats are a very high energy breed and the two of them sound like a herd of buffalo as they race through the house.
Don't let the pink ears and nose fool you.  Lupin is NOT a sissy cat.  He is more assertive than Hagrid already.  He has a very bold personality.  He is named after the Harry Potter character that is a werewolf and we think that is pretty appropriate as he is always into some mischief.
There is a Norse legend about a cat that lives in the mountains and can climb a sheer rock cliff.  Norwegian Forest Cats are the best climbers of all cat breeds so there is some speculation that they are the cats of this legend.  After seeing how this little bruiser can run, jump and climb I think that must be the case.
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  1. OMG I can not believe they come in all white!!! How PRETTY!!! I would like to know more Betty. I think this is a breed we would be interested in!!!! Congratulations on your new addition!!!

  2. Betty,
    Lupin is adorable! I can't wait to meet him in person. Happy 4th! Kathy, Dan & kids