Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Digital Studio - Multiple Pages with one layout

I LOVE taking pictures.  There are boxes and boxes of pictures from my pre-digital days.  There are files upon files on my hard drive (and safely backed up on an off-site external drive) now that everything is digital.  But I have almost none in photo albums or scrapbooks.  Kind of overwhelming.

But I am finding that with My Digital Studio I am getting more pages done so I can have scrapbooks to give my children.

It was sort of a revelation to me that I can make multiple pages using the exact same layout for each of my kids by just changing the pictures.  I am sure this is nothing new to a seasoned digital scrapbooker but it was for me.  I spent some time creating the first page and then the next FIVE pages where done in a matter of minutes!

I started with this sketch:
And made my first page:  (The background papers are from the geometric lines DSP pack - great for outdoorsy type layouts).
Then I inserted a duplicate page, deleted the pictures and in a matter of minutes I changed the pictures from one child to the next:
With just a few journaling changes I had 3 pages done each with unique pictures and details:
Next I inserted a duplicate page but as a mirror image.  I again deleted the pictures, added new ones and rearranged a few things and a page to complement the first was done.

I added  new pictures:
and changed a few words:
Three sets of double pages from one layout!   Maybe there is hope to get some albums done yet.

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