Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Woven Ribbon Frame Tutorial

My blogging time has been nonexistent lately!  I finally am getting a chance to post the instructions for the woven ribbon frame I made using the pretty Shimmer Ribbon Pack --a Stampin' Up Salabration freebie.

I used cardstock as the base of my frame.  Although you could use any size base I customized the size of my frame so that the ribbon made an even pattern.   Other sizes will give varying results.

Also I chose to use the same color of cardstock as the main ribbon so if there are tiny gaps in the weaving the background color matches.

This project actually comes together fairly quickly and is really striking as a decor piece.

1.  Begin with 5-1/4" X 6-3/4 piece of cardstock.  Cut an aperture with 1-1/8" border.  To do this place the cardstock in the trimmer lining up at the 1-1/8" mark on the right.

2.  On the back side tape ribbons that are long enough to cover the length of the frame plus a bit to wrap to the back at the bottom edge.  The ribbons I used are approximately 8-3/4" and 2-1/4". (You can see that I did not measure these exactly!)  Tape three long, seven short, and three long.   Also tape seven short ribbons to the bottom rung of the frame.
 3.  At the side, tape the ribbons as shown:  three long, nine short, three long alternating the two widths of ribbon.  The long ribbons are approximatly 6-3/4".  The short ribbons are 2-1/4".
 Here is close-up of the placement.  Make sure the long gray ribbons are closely aligned with top and bottom of each rung.
 3.  Flip the frame to the right side.  Place three strips of adhesive as shown.
 4.  Peel off the backing from the top adhesive strip. Fold down every other ribbon and stick it to the adhesive.
 5.  Fold over the top horizontal (gray) ribbon and stick it to the adhesive.
 6.  (I missed a photo of this step but I think it pretty easy to get the idea.)  Peel the backing off the second strip of adhesive.  Fold down the remaining vertical (peach) ribbons.  Weave the second horizontal ribbon (turquoise) and stick it to the adhesive.
 7.  Continue with the third horizontal (gray) ribbon.
8.  Fold the long side ribbons up out of the way.  Apply nine small strips of adhesive on each side of frame.  Line up the adhesive with each ribbon.
 9.  Peel off the adhesive one strip at the time.  Fold down the two long ribbons then fold over the side ribbon.
 10.  Continue down weaving down both sides.
 11.  Complete by weaving the three ribbons at the bottom of the frame.
 12.  Flip the frame over.  Fold all loose ends over and tape on the back.
 13.  Completed!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!