Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Digital Studio Filmstrip Card Tutorial

Aaron had a wonderful teacher this past year for his New Media class.  His teacher is a huge movie fan, so I designed a filmstrip card using My Digital Studio and included a gift card to the movie theater as a thank you gift.
In this class, Aaron worked on 3D graphic animation.  The car in the film strip is one that he designed as part of his year end project.  It is a little dark in this picture but when I printed this on photo paper it turned out very nice.

This project is a little time consuming as it takes a while to resize all the punches but once you have your card done (and saved!) it is a simple matter to change the text and/or pictures to make multiple cards from this template.

Edited:  I wrote this tutorial before the spiral punch became available.  If you have the punch you can skip steps 6 and 7.  It goes MUCH faster with the new punch!!

Here is the step by step to create a filmstrip card:
1. Open a New Project - Greeting Card - 5 X 7 Landscape - Create Your Own - Name your project - Blank Page.
2. From the Background Papers choose Designer Series Paper - Villa - Real Red Villa.
3.  Add a 1.25 Square Punch.  Resize to 2-1/4" X 5".  Paper fill with Whisper White.
4. Add a second Square Punch and resize to slightly smaller than the white rectangle.  Paper fill with Basic Black.

5. Add a square punch and resize to a very small square. Add another square punch and resize to a very small rectangle.  Paper fill both with Whisper White.

6.  Use arrow keys to position at the edge of the black rectangle.

7.  Group these two elements together and copy and paste to make row along bottom.
8. Do the same for the other edge.
9.  Add a square punch and resize to make frame for picture.  Paper fill with Whisper White.
10.  Add a photo box to the center.
11.  Copy and paste two more sets.
12.  Add another square punch.  Resize to a long slim retangle.  Paper fill with Real Red.  Add a drop shadow.  Add text.
13.  Add photos to photo boxes.

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  1. Betty, this is sooooo awesome. I just love MDS cards and you did an amazing job on this one.