Monday, March 22, 2010

My Digital Studio Heart Favor Box Tutorial

I am on a roll with My Digital Studio!  Today I have another great 3D project and tutorial.  Near Valentine's Day I picked up some chocolates in a cute little box with a heart on top.  I had to see if I could recreate something similar with MDS.  It worked!
The really nifty thing is this little box can be personalized with text or pictures.  Wouldn't these be the cutest little wedding shower favors?!
 Slits in the hearts slide together and hold the box closed.
 To make this I first created a template that can be used over and over, then added all the fun colors and pictures.  On this one I added photo boxes but it would be easy to put text boxes on the sides as well.  I added text to the inside flaps so there is a little message when the box is opened.

This is my finished template:
To make the template:
1. Open 8-1/2 X 11 landscape album - choose "create your own" - "blank page"
2. Add a square punch and resize to 2" x 2".
3. Working from left to right in the center of the page copy and paste boxes in a line leaving a small margin between each.  Use the align function to make sure they are perfectly aligned.
4.  Add another row of punches below the center row.
5.  For the top row add a 1" X 2" rectangle punch, a 2" X 2", a 1" X 2" and another 2" X 2" punch.
6. Add two heart punches, rotate one 90 degrees and one -90 degrees.  Position on top of 1" X 2" rectangles.  Enlarge the hearts to match the size of the rectangle.  
7.  Send the heart punches to the back.
8.  Add square punch and resize to 1/2" X 2".  Move to left side of middle row to form tab.
9.  Add a photo box, resize, copy and paste 3 more and move into position.

This is the template.  Make sure you save this!  Make a duplicate before moving on the next step.

10.  Decorate as desired.
11. Add mats to middle row of punches to fill in the in-between spaces.
12.  Print on Whisper White cardstock.
13.  Cut out and score on mat lines.

You can find more tutorials and ideas for things to do with My Digital Studio HERE.


  1. Wow,You Rock!! Your stuff is awesome!! TFS!!!

  2. This is so cute - I never would have thought of using MDS to make a template, but it's a brilliant idea! I love it!