Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Treats

I wanted to make a little box for some mini chocolate bars to send my grandma and made the happy discovery that the scallop envelope die makes the perfect sized box.  
I cut two envelopes from black cardstock, bent the bottom flaps backwards and adhered them together to form the bottom of the the box.  Then I cut two rectangles of cardstock for the sides and stuck them to the side flaps.  Instant box!  I used some scraps of things left from my last projects to decorate the front and back.  Mini Hershey bars line up perfectly inside.

I was sorting craft supplies today and found some mini lunch bags.  Since there were still scraps left on the table I made two ultra quick goodie bags.  Literally 3 minute projects.
I stuck a length of sticky strip down the center of the bag and scrunched up some black waffle paper and snipped the edges.   
I have now successfully used up the last of the pumpkins I had printed with My Digital Studio.   I always feel better when I can use some of the cute leftovers for another project.  

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