Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Petal Cone Bowls

More Petal Cone die projects!  

I connected multiple pieces together to make two different sized bowls. 
The larger bowl uses four die cut pieces
and the smaller uses three.
The view from the side shows the decorations.

To make these, score the petal cone pieces as shown in this post: Petal Cone Candy Basket Tutorial.  Do not cut the tips off.  Instead fold all tips to the bottom and adhere.
Then cut a circle of lightweight chip board and a two circles of DSP the diameter of the base.
Adhere the chipboard circle to the underside of the bowl with strong adhesive and cover it with DSP to match.
Glue the second DSP circle inside the bowl.
I added contrasting scalloped pieces to the larger bowl for added decoration.
Somehow I suspect the candy display will not last long!


  1. you are just amazing with this petal cone die! Thanks for sharing another project!
    Marsha E