Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guy Graduation Card with Mini MDS Tutorial

It has been a while since I have been able to post.  We were without power since Sunday when a windstorm caused a significant amount of damage in our area- lots of trees, utility poles and electric lines were down.  We are all enjoying having the electricity back on tonight!  

Last week (before the lights went out!) I made several graduation cards. One of the things I like about My Digital Studio is it can help me with the placement of words or images on a page when I am making hybrid cards.   I wanted to be able to print several verses on a page to conserve paper, then be able to cut them easily with my paper cutter and have the correct placement for the stamps.  I use punches as place holders to guide the placement of my elements. See below for the general directions for doing this.

Here is the finished card:
1. To get the correct spacing, begin with a 8-1/2" X 11" blank page.
2.  Add a square punch and resize it by using the rulers at the side to the dimensions you want the finished piece of cardstock to be.
3.  Add the text or images on top of the punch.  (Here is where I use the align function to make sure I have the text exactly in the center of the punch.  If I were adding other images I would do that at this point.)
3. Group the text and the punch.  Copy and paste this punch and arrange on the page.
4.  Delete the punches.  They were only place holders.
5.  Add overlay stamps if desired.
Here is another example:
Now it is easy to cut these apart and the text is exactly where I need it.
I used this same technique to get the spacing for making business cards which you can see in this post.

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