Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two more ornament punch techniques

Over the last several days I have shared some of the techiques I discovered as I experimented with the ornament punch. Once I started it was hard to stop! These ideas make this a great punch for any time of the year. I made the notched strip on the card below by punching just the hanger portion of the punch at one inch intervals. The notches on the opposite side are off-set by half an inch.

This shows the spacing I used. Make small pencil marks at each of the indicated measurements.

Insert the cardstock strip as shown into the top of the punch, centering each pencil mark. Perfect notches!

Another little trick is to notch the corners of a card with the top of the punch. I was able to easily punch through both layers of this little gift tag so the notches line up exactly.

Insert the corner into the top of the punch as shown and punch. A simple way to add interest to the corner of a card or cardstock layer!

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