Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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It has been a while since I have done a "kitty post".   Today's featured kitty is "Tiger".  Not a highly imaginative name but it fits him well.  He is a delightful yet "low maintenance" cat.   He loves to come in the house for petting and attention but is happiest outside where he is captain of the Rodent Patrol.  (He is very proud of his work and brings us proof of his prowess quite frequently.)
As our oldest kitty (he is 12 years old), he has weathered his share of kittens.  He at first tries to ignore the pesky little newcomer.  Then as they try to play with him, he walks off in huff.   But after a few days he will be playing with them and from that point on they are best buds.

Not so with the dog.  He does not tolerate Chester at all.  Chester knows better then to get too close.  Tiger is definitely "top dog" around here.
Tiger loves a tummy rub:
A game of cards:
Or a comfortable napping chair:
He has a quirky way of napping, hanging over the edge:
 We love our Tiger!
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  1. I know this post is about your cat but I am such a dog person and your dog is just adorable! I love this raised eyebrow.

  2. WOW! This kitty is BIG too! You do grow your cats large Betty!!! He looks like a lover too. Imagine that!