Monday, February 14, 2011

Petal Cone Basket of Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Today I have another project made with the petal cone die.  I have yet to make an actual cone favor as the die is intended!  Two pieces adhered back to back at the flaps make a wonderful little basket.  I filled this with punched hearts with handwritten messages and a few candy hearts too.
The paper is so pretty that it needed very little decoration- just a single adornament, a few leaves and  a ribbon handle.
Hagrid sends his valentine kisses as well!


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts about Hagrid and Chester! Adorable fur babies :)

  2. hey there, I've just discovered your blog and love your work!! I'd like to present you with the Stylish Blogger Award, please stop by my blog to collect it.

    Rebecca @ ;)