Wednesday, March 9, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Bliss Basket

Another petal cone project!  This die is sure getting a workout.  I finished this little basket and have three more projects almost done made with it as well that I will be showing you soon.   Not only that - the big project I just finished for my design team uses this die.   Funny thing is I still have not made a cone with it like it is intended!

I didn't take pictures as I was doing it but if you look at the post where I made this candy dish you can get the idea.  For the basket, I measured two inches from the marked score line and made score lines.  Then I measured one inch further and cut the tip off.  Fold on the score lines.  You will need to make one snip to be able to fold the bottom flaps to form the bottom.

The candies are mint Bliss chocolates.  Just the thing for St. Patty's Day!  Surprisingly this little basket holds quite a few.

EDIT:  Here are photos to help.
1. Fold petal cone piece in half.
2.  Insert in cutter, place the top score line on the two inch mark and score.
3. Place top score line on the three inch mark and cut the tip off.
4. Snip up to the bottom score line and cut away the small portion as shown.
5.  Fold on score lines and adhere with sticky strip.

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