Saturday, August 13, 2011

Petite Pocket Rolled Edge Basket Tutorial

One of the things I love about stamping and paper crafting is stretching my creativity to see what unique ways a product can be used.  Once I started experimenting with the Petite Pocket die the ideas just started flowing so I will have more to share in the next few days.
This time I combined six pieces side by side to make a basket or a box. The upper portions are coiled to make an interesting top.  It is cute either with a handle or without.  Two-sided DSP is perfect for this as you can see the pretty coordinating patterns on both sides.
Here is how to make it:
1. Using the Petite Pocket Die, cut six pieces of DSP.
2. Fold on the score lines as shown.
3. Apply sticky strip to the side flaps and adhere all six together side-by-side.
4. Adhere each of these flaps to one side.  This helps make a prettier finished project as there are no flaps sticking out on the inside.
5. Adhere the remaining sides together.

6. Fold the bottom flaps in.  Cut a circle of cardstock to fit the bottom and adhere to hold the flaps in place.
7. The project now looks like this.
8. Flip it upside down and roll each section tightly around a pencil.

9. Roll it all the way to end.
10.  Cut a circle of DSP to cover the center of the inside where the DSP does not quite meet.
11.  Add a handle if desired.

I creased the score line between the top of the basket and the coiled section but I think it would also be pretty to coil the top without creasing it to give a softer curve.

More Petite Pocket Projects coming!  See you!

EDIT:  You can see all my Petite Pocket tutorials HERE.


  1. This is so neat! What a clever idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. amazing tutorial! Several of your tutorials will be on my inspiration blog post tomorrow. TFS!