Tuesday, October 11, 2011

99th Birthday!!

My Grandma celebrated her 99th birthday this weekend.  It is amazing to think of all the changes she has experienced in that time.  I made a few small things for her.
I wrote down 99 memories I have of things I recall about her and put them in a little scrapbook.  Because we lived only a few miles apart, many of my childhood activities included things we did together.  Things like gathering huckleberries and hickory nuts in the woods.  Family dinners with special foods- frosted gingerbread cookies for Christmas, turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving, and custard eggs for Easter.  Sewing and cooking together.  Her singing and playing the piano.  And always flowers-- she grew all kinds of flowers: gladiolas, roses, cannas, calla lilies, and even gardenias.  She made corsages to wear to church, and made my wedding bouquet.
This little box has 99 M&Ms in it (chocolate is her favorite).
The card has flowers of course.
Spending time recalling all the things we have done was very special.

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  1. How beautiful! I'm sure your grandmother will love the "99 memories" --what a treasure to have had her in your life.