Monday, February 8, 2010


As you can tell from the title of my blog, I have a soft spot for kitties. I thought it would be fun to include occasional posts about some of the many cats (and various other furry friends) I have known and loved over the years.
Hagrid is our newest addition. He is an 8 month old Norwegian Forest Cat. He is not yet full grown but he is HUGE! He is just a delight. Sweet and gentle, he loves to be wherever we are. He loves a crowd. When the kids have a group of friends over, Hagrid is right in the midst.
He loves to go for a ride in a clothesbasket.

NF cats have longer back legs than front. It is amazing to watch him jump and he is SO fast. He is partial to anything with feathers. I bought him a feather boa and he carries it all over the house. (It is currently lost - he may have taken it under the bed.) That jumping can get him in trouble though. He is often found on the fireplace mantel. He loves the sink and will pull the drain stoppers out just for fun.
They do not get their full coat and fluffy neck ruff for two years but he is very fluffy already. It is hard to photograph his tail to show just how big and plummy it is.

Tom likes to say he has a "ridiculous" tail. This cat is so funny sometimes!

He is a creature of habit. His evening routine is to sit on Tom's lap for a while. When it is time to put the dog in his crate for the night he has to go along to say goodnight, then he goes to the cupboard and asks for his nightly treat. Next he races up the stairs to our bedroom and goes right to the bedside stand and waits for us to open the drawer to get out his toys. (His favorite are fuzzy balls with feathers.) He will play fetch until he starts to audibly pant like a dog. I have had many cats but he certainly is unique!


  1. This is my first visit to your website. What have I been missing? You do wonderful work.

    Hagrid looks and acts identical to my cat, T. He is a rescue cat. I was told that he is a Maine Coon, but I've wondered if he was something else. He has the same charatistics as your cat and looks exactly like him - only he is a dusty light orange.

    Thanks for sharing your work and your cat!


  2. Love seeing the story of Hagrid. I have 2 cats at the moment. Have had up to 3 at one time.
    They all have their own personalities. Some better then others. LOL
    Hagrid is a beautiful cat and a sweet heart.
    Thanks for sharing.