Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Painting in Layers Tutorial

Today I have a My Digital Studio tutorial showing how to use LAYERS to fill "holes" in stamps and "paint" outline stamps.  These cards were part of the weekend Stampin' Addicts Sale-A-Bration blog hop.  (Click HERE to view the blog hop post which has more ideas for using the One Big Sale-A-Bration Digital ensemble.)

The alligator stamp on this card has areas where the background shows through.   Pretty distracting!
One solution is to use the freeform tool.  Start by clicking on the "Add Brush Layer"
Click on "Brush" and then "Change Color" to pick the color you would like to use.
Cover the open areas with the Brush tool making sure to not go beyond the stamped image.
Click on "Arrange"-then "Order" and "Layers".  Move the paint layer behind the stamp and the holes will be filled in with color!

Painting an outline stamp is essentially the same.  You just need to work with a few more layers building the colors one upon another.


Start with an outline stamp.
Think about what would be the very back layer of color.  (In this case I wanted the inside of the design to be white.)  Add a Brush Layer.  Change the color and paint over the stamped image stopping at the black outline.
Send this layer behind the stamp.  Add second Brush Layer.   Determine what would be the next level of color.  (For this card I painted over the flowers in blue and the stems in green.) 
Send this layer behind the stamp.  Continue adding brush layers of additional colors.    (I added a third layer of lighter blue to highlight the center of flowers and a fourth with tiny dots of pink for the stamens.)  
Arrange the layers with the outline stamp at the front and your image will be beautifully painted!

I will have one more tutorial tomorrow showing how to "emboss" with digital stamps!

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